Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jupitee?

Jupitee is a platform that enables you to have and manage your own app without any coding. Jupitee is

  • easy
  • powerful
  • affordable

and came to radically change the way you operate, promote your brand and communicate with your customers. Using our cloud Content Management System (CMS), you have your app without any programming experience. The CMS enables you, to manage your content, define your UI and engage your users.

Who owns my app?

You do. Plain and simple. All content and information is yours and it stays yours, forever and ever.

How many users can install my app?

There is no limit to the amount of users that can install your app.

What is offline mode?

Your Jupitee app combines the great looks and functionality of a native app with the instant update nature of a web site.
Each time a user enters a screen in the mobile app, it automatically downloads the latest content, just like a web site (i.e. you have instant updates). However if there is no Internet connection available the app will display the latest downloaded content, so your users can still enjoy your app without any problem.

How do I view my app before going live?

To see how your app will look like, you can use our Jupitee preview app for iOS or Android on your own phone.

Who publishes my app?

We do! Plain and simple and you have nothing to worry about.

Why does my app need to be published?

The only way to make your mobile application available to your end-users or customers is via Apple’s iTunes (iPhones iPads) and Google’s Play Store (Android based devices). To do that, you have to create a developer account with Apple ($99/year) and Google (one time $25) respectively. Exclusively for Apple, the application is subject to approval before it can become available.
Typically we only have to submit your app only once, during the initial app creation. We only need to re-submit your app if you change one of the following:

  • your application icon (i.e. the icon your users click on to launch your app);
  • your app name;
  • your splash screen;

, or if you activate a feature that did not exist when your app was published in the app stores

Once your app has been published, you can update its content as often as you like, without any re-submission process and your users enjoy the updated content instantly.

How long does it take to have my app published?

It takes Google about 1 day to publish your app and Apple about 10 days to complete their own approval process. So if you want your app to be on the App Store on a specific date (for example: a company event) please leave plenty of time for Apple to review, as we cannot control this process.

Can my app be rejected from the AppStore?

Yes, but it is highly unlikely. Apple will typically reject your app if it contains objectionable content. In any case you should make sure that your app conforms to their guidelines and that it provides useful content for your customers.

What happens next?

After your app goes live, you can update your content anytime you want and your changes will be instantly reflected on all your mobile applications, on all platforms! You can add, modify or delete your content as you want, with no delays or hidden charges. You can use our Analytics dashboard to see what your users prefer most and keep them engaged by giving them more of what they like.
The limit is your imagination.
It’s App to you!

Can I charge users for downloading my app?

Of course you can, as long as you publish your app under your own developer account. This means that you get all revenues from your app sales directly.

Obviously you will have to buy a developer subscription directly from Apple and from Google.

What if I do not want my app on the app stores any more?

Just remove it from the app stores! Unfortunately we cannot request or issue any refunds for the remaining period of your paid subscription.

Can I edit my app once it’s published?

You can make changes to your app (UI, menus, content) at any time you want. Just log in our CMS and change what you need. All content updates are instantly available to your users, without them having to re-install or update your app.
The only exception to this is if you decide to change one of the following:

  • your application icon (i.e. the icon your users click on to launch your app);
  • your app name;
  • your splash screen;

, or if you activate a feature that did not exist when your app was published in the app stores

In this case you have to re-submit your app.

How can I promote my app?

Tell everyone about it! Put a QR code on your business cards, your website, or in your printed material. That way, your customers can download your app straight from the app store. And the best part is that we do provide you with the QR code from inside the CMS! Just visit our Promo material section!

What if I still have a question?

We have worked hard to make everything clear, straightforward and easy to use. Still, if you are unsure how something works please send us your question at: