Why it’s time to get a mobile app for your restaurant!

Jun 2, 2014

Jupitee for restaurants

Few days ago a pop-up restaurant in London announced that its customers could settle their bill simply by instragramming their food. Although the new “food-ography” trend is not something new, the case comes to prove that the smartphones do play a deciding role in every part of our life and dining out could not be an exception.

A mobile app can radically change the guest experience and create favorable feelings towards the restaurant. At first let’s take a quick look what the owner can get with the use of an app.

A well designed mobile app will first of all become a unique marketing tool to promote your business and differentiate it from the competition. It will create buzz around your brand in both online and offline media and you will be considered a trendsetter especially among the early adopters.

The mobile app will also enable you to create and manage exclusive offerings, themed events, special nights, happy hours and guest chefs’ nights in a more creative way and secure greater customers’ participation in each occasion. The production of printed material, the SMS campaigns and the time consuming word of mouth marketing have now been replaced by push notifications and social media. No printing costs, no bulky flyers, no massive unsolicited SMS, no unforeseen expenses due to last minutes changes. With free push notifications the customers can get on their phone screen, the day’s menu, coupons, personalized offers and discounts, loyalty and memberships cards, rewards and even recipes or multimedia!

Apart from marketing tool, the mobile app will also help you underline that your business is both eco-friendly as you reduce print material and carbon footprint but also close to the hearing impaired guests who can now get the maximum of their favorite restaurant.

On the other side of the table, the experience a mobile app can create for a customer is admittedly unique!

By using your restaurant’s mobile app a customer will be able to browse the restaurant’s menu before even arriving there minimizing the time to choose what to get, a vital option especially when the (s)he pops-in for lunch break. Similarly the customer can make a reservation, get a map with directions and of course push notifications for special offers, discounts, personalized coupons even greeting cards with free meals or drinks!

In addition, the users of the restaurant’s mobile app, can be rewarded with 10-15% discount on the menu prices! The customers get loyal to you and you reward them! Oh and by the way, if your customer is accompanied by business fellows or prospects clients, with a single tap on the screen they can choose the language they feel more comfortable with

The menu in a mobile app can get much more mouthwatering based on how vibrant you can make it see. Imagine comparing a classic printed menu with a digital one showing photos of each dish during its preparation, recipes to have a try at home, suggested wine list, desserts or ice creams to better indulge your taste or even ingredients and calories for those paying extra attention to healthy and smart eating.  

The advantages for the customers are endless. Using the app the customers can provide feedback to the management about their in-store experience or read reviews from others, share their experience in social media and get rewarded for that – not necessarily by instagramming the food – become part of the restaurants loyal community and tagged in social media.

Mobile apps came to revolutionize the way people interact, communicate and experience their everyday life and restaurants should not stay out of this trend. To create your own app for your restaurant, bar or pub, just click here or get in touch with us for more info!


Your menu in their pocket! – Their loyalty in your hands!