What is a push notification?

Apr 14, 2015

What is a push notification

Push notification is actually a message like SMS, without the 140 character limit, that can also display links and images. It is sent by the publisher of the mobile application and when received – similarly to the SMS – the phone rings, the notification led is flashing and the message appears on the phone’s lock screen.

The three most important differences between the SMS and the push notification are the cost, the devices they can reach and the opt-in option.

What is a push notification

Due to the fact that the push notification is being sent via the Internet – and not via the mobile operator – it is completely free and therefore any smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet can get such notifications.

Nowadays tablets worldwide are more than laptops and desktops combined. Bearing in mind that that most of them can connect to the Internet through WiFi (i.e. they can receive push notifications), but do not have a SIM card (i.e. they cannot receive SMS), you cannot ignore the potential of such an audience. 

In addition, end users have complete control on their devices over which applications can send them push notifications! In this way they can opt in or out whenever they want, and the mobile app publisher enjoys the fact that the messages have been received by customers who have explicitly expressed their interest; a fact that in turns increases the penetration and the value of such messages.
Let’s not forget that in order to receive push notifications the end users do not have to give you their phone number, they just need to download your app. This makes it much easier for them to accept.

As the mobile app publisher, you can send unlimited push notifications without having to worry about the cost, the delivery of messages to devices that have no SIM card and unsolicited and intrusive messages!