What is a native mobile app and how does it differ from a mobile-web app?

Jan 20, 2014

To thoroughly understand the added value of a native mobile app, it is important first to see the differences between a native mobile app and a mobile-web app.

A native app is a mobile application that has been developed specifically for one operating platform (for example for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc) but in such a way, to fully exploit the features of the device that it will be installed in.

  A native mobile app provides fast performance and a high degree of reliability, it can use the device’s phone, camera, contacts catalogue, GPS, gestures, accelerometer, tilt sensor, compass and notification indicators etc and based on the app’s nature it can even work with no Internet connectivity.

In other words a native mobile app exploits all the available features of the device to maximize the user experience and fully serve the reason for which it was built.

On the contrary, a mobile web app – also referred as web app – is not exactly an app, but a website that has been rendered to look and almost feel like a mobile app and therefore it can only be “installed” as a bookmark. It depends fully on the coverage and speed of the mobile signal or Wi-Fi and it should be definitely cross-browser compatible to be displayed properly. In contrast with the native apps, the user experience in a mobile web app is limited and cannot take full advantage of the device’s features.

To help its customers increase their ROI and avoid half-hearted solutions, Jupitee took away all the complexity and high costs of developing a mobile app, but retained all the creative elements to make your mobile app easy and attractive to use. 

With Jupitee you can now create native mobile applications for any device running on iOS and/or Android with a single price per app, irrespective of platforms or devices you intend to make it available to. This means that you only have to create your app once and it can be updated as often as you wish! On top, it can be installed on any smartphone or tablet running on iOS and Android!

Mobile apps being built with Jupitee integrate both standard features such as photos, videos, events, local maps and social media sharing and more advanced ones like push notifications, floor plan, bookings and reservations, user community and product catalogues.

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