The hospitality industry in the Jupitee mobile app era!

May 5, 2014


In 2013 the worldwide tablet shipments surpassed portable PC shipments and in 2015, IDC expects tablet shipments to outpace the entire PC market (portables and desktops combined). Both the smartphones and tablets have become companions in our everyday lives even during our holidays.

Hotel Galaxy Jupitee App

A survey by Trip Advisor in 2013, shows that smartphones and tablets are vital for travelers during their holidays! Out of those who replied, 85% carry their smartphones and 44% use a tablet while on vacation mainly for being able to share experiences on social media, search for dining out, get info about the attractions of the destination and read reviews. From those who prefer not to get their device with them, 33% stated that they are afraid of the expensive data roaming charges and 29% were not willing to pay the expensive telecommunication costs.

As the sales and usage of smartphones and tablets increases, so does the popularity and the necessity of mobile applications.

In such a demanding industry as the hospitality one, customer centric mobile apps are necessary to build long lasting customer relationships and of course increase revenues. And if you wonder how the mobile apps can do that, the answer is simply by enhancing guests’ overall travel experience.

The key feature for a mobile app is to be useful and provide a great experience. A native mobile app exploits the device’s features to maximize the users’ experience and fully serve the reason for which it was developed and also saves money as it is completely functional when offline and therefore the international guests will not get charged when they will use it!

Being a customer centric solution, Jupitee for Hotels allows guests to:

  • Use interactive map to familiarize with the hotel’s/resort’s amenities
  • Browse through the menu of the hotel’s restaurant
  • Reserve a table at the hotel’s restaurant
  • Book spa or hair treatment
  • Share their activities on social media
  • Use the city guide and map to get around town, beaches, bars, museums, attractions
  • Find info about local restaurants and attractions
  • Get push notifications (about happy hour specials or other offers)
  • Get emergency notifications
  • Provide feedback to the hotel’s management
  • Get details about in-house events and happy hour specials
  • Get directions to an attraction
  • Check the weather
  • Protect the environment by getting maps, guides, forms etc. in digital format

Unlike other sectors where it is more difficult to make your customers download your mobile app, in the hospitality industry you have many ways to do so. The most common are:

via the hotel’s website

This is usually the very first – or even second – point of contact when a customer is looking to book accommodation. Your website is the most fertile ground to explicitly state that as hospitality service provider you have made anything needed to create an unforgettable travel experience and invite your guests to download it! In this way they will have the time to familiarize themselves with its features well in advance of their arrival and also plan their trip.

via email correspondence

Once the booking is complete, make sure that both the confirmation email that will be sent and every correspondence thereafter, will definitely include a paragraph/footer about your mobile app, how this app can definitely help them plan their trip and boost their travel experience and of course a link to download the app from the respective application stores.

via blogs and publicity

If you – first of all – cannot spread the word, nobody will! Start writing a story about your hotel’s mobile app and don’t forget to include photos and reviews from your customers! The more places you publish it – including your social media accounts – the more chances you have your potential customers, journalists and travel bloggers to catch the story and put your case in the focal point. This exposure will definitely create traffic to both your website and mobile application.

via social media

As we previously read, people do get their smartphones and tablets to be able among other things to share content on social media! If you allow your users to login using their Facebook or Twitter account, you may be able to post on your guests’ timeline and inform all their friends about your app. If the experience your guests get via your mobile app is breathtaking, the most probably is to see your brand becoming a trend in social media!

via check-in key cards and other printed material

The room keys card are a nice channel to promote your mobile app as you can include both a weblink and QR code to your mobile application. Similarly, you can include link and QR code on the printed material available in every guest room, in the common areas but even on the breakfast placemats and coasters!

Once in the devices of your guests, your mobile app has tremendous potential as a marketing tool and is now completely up to you and your employees to exploit it as a communication vehicle to pass your marketing messages.

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