The event management in the Jupitee for Events & MICE era

Jun 18, 2014

Event or MICE organiser?

Mobilize your attendees and help them get the maximum of it!

Credit:Loren Wohl for NPR
Credit:Loren Wohl for NPR

If you are a conference organizer you may have noticed that very often your delegates lose their interest and their engagement remains low.

This happens mainly because organizers put most of their effort to organize the branding, the speakers, the seating, the audiovisual, the catering or the accommodation, but pay almost no attention at all on how to increase the delegates’ engagement and turn the audience into a vibrant community.

One of the most effective ways to tackle such a phenomenon is with the use of a mobile app specifically designed for this reason. If you are questioning yourself how this can happen, let’s see below how both the organizer and the delegates can enjoy unique advantages before, during and after the event.

Before the event

During this period the mobile application can easily create or raise awareness about the event, increase revenues and of course participation.

The mobile application will help the prospective delegates start planning their participation and get ready early enough, as they can

  • get an overview of the agenda and parallel sessions and map with directions to reach the venue
  • get preregistered or book a seat for specific sessions, activities, seminars or workshops.
  • browse through the speakers, read their bio and background information and mark their favorite ones,
  • submit their questions to the speakers and look forward to the answers during the presentation
  • share their comments and experience on social media becoming an advocate of your event
  • get a premium discount using the in-app special code equivalent to the early bird premium fees
  • get familiarized with the event’s context by getting the latest industry news and trends. 

Apart from the delegates, the mobile application and its push notifications is a unique place for sponsors and advertisers to take advantage of, so next time you organize an event do not forget to include it in your plans should you want to get revenues from through in-app sponsorship and sponsored push notifications. 

During the event

At the time of the event the mobile application can play the leading role in increasing the delegates’ engagement. Through the app the organizer can now give the opportunity to the delegates to

  • get the latest agenda updated with any last minute changes
  • search using multiple filters for keynote speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and delegates based on the profiles given when registered and interact with them completely free
  • download and watch at their own pace any videos, presentations or premium material 
  • take part in polls to provide feedback and comments regarding each speaker or session
  • get free push notifications for last minute changes or major announcements throughout the event
  • enjoy premium content available exclusively to the mobile app users
  • get promotional codes to redeem with free admission to parallel sessions, generous discounts at a next event or even free drinks
  • share their experience on social media and ask for clarification from other people who could not attend the event but are following the stream or the event on twitter.

After the event

Once the event is over most organizers do not spend too much effort to evaluate the organization or to follow up the attendees and start preparing the next edition.

With a mobile application the dissemination of messages, the interaction and engagement with the delegates continues for as long as the organizer wants as he can easily follow up the participants, thank them for their participation and remind them with free push notification to

  • download the event’s videos, presentations and minutes
  • tag themselves on event’s social media photos
  • pre-register for the next edition
  • submit their evaluation about the event or their expectations for the next one.

The mobile application is a unique tool for every event organizer and the earliest it is exploited they soonest it creates a totally new experience both for the delegates as well as the speakers, sponsors and the other stakeholders.

To see for yourself how easily you can transform your event to a vibrant community, click on Jupitee for Events or fill in your details here to request a callback.