Mar 3, 2014

To make a mobile app takes you just half the way through, as the other half is to promote it to your existing and potential customers in every possible way! That’s why we have compiled this checklist to guide you through this process and help you make the most of your app! Before you get your pencil out, bear in mind that everything listed here is free and feasible provided you are committed to go the extra mile!

  1. Make the mobile app available on your website! Jupitee provides all the necessary tools to help you do so. Just click on the Promo Material tab once you have logged in and follow the instructions.
  2. Exploit your newsletters and customer service emails! Make a new newsletter template and place on the top left corner a link and icon of your app in the iOS and Android app stores. In this way you will be definitely sure that your customers were made aware of it.
  3. Take advantage of your email signature! Don’t forget to include a web link of the app under your email signature and don’t forget to always use it. The more people see this, the more chances to download it.
  4. Make your business card and flyers a bridge to your app! By using the QR code provided by Jupitee, your customers can easily download your app simply by scanning the QR with their smartphones from your flyers, stickers, signage, posters, menu catalogues, order forms, t-shirts, invoices, outdoors, ad placements, merchandising etc.
  5. Make your mobile app available in social media! With such an enormous “F” audience (followers, friends, funs) you should always highlight your posts containing web links to your mobile app! The more social media you use, the more downloads you get! If you also have ad budget, don’t hesitate to run a social media ad campaign. If you have friends who are well-versed on your mobile app, “recruit” them to create a buzz by sharing, retweeting etc.
  6. Blog, blog and blog! If you have a blog, try to post as much useful stuff and screenshots for your mobile app as possible. Explain utility, menus, tabs and functions to make clear how it works and how it can boost the experience of your users.
  7. Similarly shoot, shoot, video shoot! There is plenty of free and quite easy software out there allowing you to create screencasts (short instructional videos). Once you have finished, don’t forget to upload it on YouTube and make posts to your blog and other social media platforms to showcase it!
  8. Promote your mobile app via a competition! Set up a competition only for those that will download and review your app! If for example you are a hotel or restaurant owner, the prize could easily be a free night or a 3 course menu for 2!
  9. Press release! A press release is always useful when you need to inform your publics! Get a couple catchy screenshots of your mobile app, include links for both your website and the app store and start sending it to industry media representatives and bloggers.
  10. Include your mobile app in your presentations.  If you happen to make presentations about your business or an industry topic, don’t forget to include a reference to your app either as a QR code at the slide footer, or at the last slide containing your contact details.
  11. Word of mouth marketing! You are the best advocate of your mobile app, so take advantage of it. Create a nice story about it and have it ready whenever you get the opportunity to say it.
  12. Update your mobile app! Any mobile app made with Jupitee can be updated in terms of content, visuals and menu structure as often as you want! In this way you will refresh your customers’ attention and interest.

Good luck and stay tuned!