Should I build a mobile app for my company? No, not really! Unless…

Mar 20, 2015

Deciding if your need a mobile app or not is not as hard as it looks.

Deciding if your need a mobile app or not is not as hard as it looks.


A lot of people wonder whether they should build a mobile app for their company. Isn’t mobile where their customers are, anyway? Well… no, not really. Yes it’s true people are using their mobiles more and more all the time. But that does not necessarily mean that they are looking for your company.  However this is just one part of the story…

When you consider having an app for your business the first question to ask, is if it makes sense for people to use your app; if it gives them an actual benefit that they will be willing to download your app for. 

If for example you are selling bread to your neighborhood and your customers are used to coming in every day to get their loaf of bread, do you really think that creating a mobile app will boost sales? They come every single day into your store, they see your products in front of them and make a purchase on the spot. Going mobile is not going to make their experience better. 

If on the other side you are organizing a large trade show then having a mobile app is an absolute must. It works offline, it reduces your printing costs, it is a perfect communication channel even after your visitors leave the show and in increases ROI for your exhibitors. There are many more cases where mobile can provide a better customer experience and/or repeated sales: consumer brands, schools, high-star hotels and villas, sports teams and many more.

Skipping mobile is not something that should be done lightly. People are always-connected and used to exchanging info through their mobile phones. However, as everything in life, it just suits some companies better than others.

If you’re wondering whether you should embark on this journey or not, just drop us a line. I’m sure we can help.