Introducing the app designer

Jun 8, 2014Design, Support

‚ÄčLocated at the “Design & Manage–> App Design” menu this is the page you ‘ll visit more often when designing your app. Everything that has to do with your app’s appearance is located in this screen and can be found in one of the main blocks on the right.

Don’t forget to preview your app, once you make a change to see exactly what it looks like!

The app builder

Home Screen

The first thing to do is to specify how your home screen will look like and lets start with the layout. This defines 

  1. what the menu is going to look like 
  2. if each menu item will have an icon or not. Don’t forget: you can always add your own icons.

The next important decision is whether your app will have a home header image or not. To make things clear here are two examples:


Background and home header image

So far we have taken just a glimpse on what the add designer can do. The best way to see it all is to play around and explore yourself. Also in these sections you will see how to add building blocks and pick your app’s colors.

Have fun!