Introducing catalogues

Jun 8, 2014Catalogue, Support

‚ÄčTo create a catalogue you must define 

  • its contents, this is the catalogue groups and items
  • the navigation pattern the user is going to use to see them, this is the lists
  • the layout of your items

Let’s say we want to create a catalogue about some event exhibitors and we want to group them by hall and by business type. We begin by creating our catalogue.

Go to the “Design & Manage–> App Content” page and click on the “Catalogues” button.

Introduction to catalogues

Press the “+ New catalogue” button and enter the catalogue name and optionally a small description (this is just for you, it will not appear in your mobile app). Don’t worry about the catalogue groups, we’ ll add them in a second.

Introduction to catalogues

Adding Groups

Now we will add our two groups with the following data:

  • Halls : Hall 1 / Hall 2
  • Business Type : IT Systems / Mobile app development

Go to the empty catalogue and press on the “0 groups” button.


Click the “+ New group” button to enter our first group (Halls) and then click on the “Values” link to start entering the values of this group (Hall 1 / Hall 2). 



Do the same with the second group “Business Type”. The two groups should appear like this.



Now, go back to the catalogue, click on the edit button (the grey pencil on the top right) and link these groups with the catalogue.

Introduction to catalogues