Info Sections

Apr 14, 2013Info Pages, Support

Info Pages are grouped into Info sections, that are just a group of one or more related Info Pages. Imagine you want to present your hotel rooms, and also the features they have, the facilities they provide and their rates. You can easily do that in a single Info Page, with lots of vertical scrolling, but it will show much better if you display each section in its own page.

This is why you use an Info Section and create four different Info Pages in it, as show below.

List of Info Pages inside an Info Section

The next step is to allow the user to navigate inside these pages and this is done very easily by deciding which is your main page and linking to the other pages from the main page.

Links to Info Pages from the main Info Page

Don’t forget to specify the main page in the Info Section, so the app know which page to show first.

Edit Info Section
Edit Info Section, details

And this is how it all appears on the mobile phone

Links to Info Pages on the mobile phone