How to link to external URLs

Apr 14, 2013External content, Info Pages, Support

With Info Pages you can easily link your app to one or more external URLs, such as your booking page, your Facebook profile etc. There are actually three ways to do that; either using the External URL fields or by putting a link inside the page content.

A. External URL outside the app

Using the two fields at the top of each info page, you can specify a URL and the app will display a button on the top title bar, with the link title that will take you to this URL in a new browser window. For example if you set

  • Link Title Text : Book Now
  • Link URL :

Using external URL in an info page

the app will show a “Book Now” button that takes you to the specified URL to make a booking.

External URL, how it shows on the phone screen

B. External URL inside the app

Using the same two fields as above, if you tick the “This page shows the content of the external link” checkbox, then the content will appear inside your app and no button will appear on top of the screen. This is a great way for integrating external sources inside your app.

C. Links inside text

You can always place a link inside you text, for example use View our Facebook page with all the latest ALBA news!, to add a link to your Facebook page.

In this example we use a Facebook logo image to create a beautiful list.

Use a link and an image to connect to your social networks.

That appears like this on the mobile phone.

How a link appears in the mobile app.

And when the user presses the link, your Facebook page appears inside the app.

Facebook profile showin inside the app