How to add custom content

Apr 14, 2013Info Pages, Support

The simplest way to add custom content to your app are Info Pages, a powerful feature to add content in a flexible yet error-free manner. Use info pages to present your hotel room, your event, your services, etc

Let’s assume that you ‘re renting villas and you want to give a quick overview. You want to have an image, followed by some text and then another image

You begin with an empty Info Page and specify its name and wether (we will leave the external URL for later on)

A new Info Page

Now you simply upload an image from your computer and select how you want it to appear in relation to the text. Then just enter the text you need and you ‘re done! You can add as many items as you need

Info page, item with image and text.

Should you need to add another image, just press the “add item” button Info Page, add new layout item and add another item at the bottom of the page. This will have some text and an image.

For instance the following page consists of an item with an image followed by some text and then by another item with an image but with no text.

Info page, sample