Hair Salon in the mobile apps era

Jul 1, 2014

Do you run a hairdressing business and you seek ways to differentiate your business or get extra revenues? 

Have you ever thought that the solution can be found through smartphones? 

Jupitee Hair Salon

The increased penetration of the smartphones has changed our lives and the hairdressing industry is one of them. If you ask yourself what a mobile app can do, let’s go through the benefits. 


Communicate special offers and treatments, news and trends

The hair beauty industry creates new innovative products very often and seeks innovative ways to get the message through. By using the push notifications – which are completely free – the mobile app will help you establish a less intrusive (compared to the SMS) and creative way to communicate your offers, your news, bundles, happy hour specials, beauty seminars or even to distribute discount coupons and vouchers. 

Through a well-planned and coherent strategy, you will enhance the overall customer experience and very shortly you will maximize the returning customers. 


Reservation for hair spa & wedding, special occasions

The mobile app can also help you increase traffic by exploiting the integrated reservation module. The in-app reservation module will give your customers the opportunity to book a slot with their favorite hair stylist whenever it is convenient for them and most important without having to worry if they forget to reach you during opening hours. 


Sponsorship of Notifications

The cosmetics industry is in favor of new creative ways to promote its products and the push notifications are a great tool to do that. As the administrator of the app, it will be up to you to decide the sponsorship plan or the barter agreement to have your push notifications get sponsored. 



Women more than men, pay extra attention to their public profile. You are taking care of their hair but what if you could also take care of their car or their kid while they have a hair treatment? Provided you have make the deal with the nearby businesses you can spot on the in-app interactive map the contact details of the affiliated businesses and what they offer! Your customers will definitely appreciate the extra mile you have gone! 


Loyalty scheme

Rewarding your customers will definitely help you creating returning customers and increase loyalty and a mobile app will help you communicate your loyalty scheme via both push notifications and the public message board available among the registered users! 



In the user-friendly mobile app environment the user can go through the latest trends in the hairstyling and also save selfies or celebrity photos to use for guidance the next time they have a haircut, color application, highlights or hair extensions!  The galleries also are very important to showcase your services when it comes to wedding hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids. The mobile app is definitely more handy than a bulky lifestyle magazine and the photos in the mobile app can be shared easily in the social media profiles should your customers need an extra opinion. 


Get feedback. Create surveys to get valuable information from your customers

The mobile app is not only a marketing tool but also a way for your customers to evaluate their experience and share with you what delighted them or might have prevented them for fully enjoying what you have prepared for them. The reviews and feedback can be submitted to the management in the most discreet way. 



The mobile app can help you mobilize your customers and create a vibrant community around your business. How? Every week/month you can choose one of your customers – provided they have opted in – and ask other registered members to vote their favorite hair style. At the end of each month one mobile app registered user will win a full hair treatment and you a loyal customer base. 


Integration with social media

The mobile app will facilitate your exposure to the social media platforms as the user can easily share his/her experience and become your advocate to their friends, fans and followers.  


Map and driving directions!

Although such a utility is rather useless among loyal customers, still it can be vital when an existing customer wants to introduce your business to his/her friends.  


Book & Collect 

The mobile app will also help your business become even more popular among customers that are looking for exclusive products. By using the in-app module, they can rest assured that they will collect it the next time they visit you. 


Beauty tips and seminars

Admittedly the service they can enjoy by your hairstylist cannot be compared with a DIY attempt while at home, but still if you manage to be virtually there, they will definitely appreciate and spread the word. By using either a how-to instructional video or a step-by-step hairstyle guide either in pdf or png format, your female customers will get convinced that your services are irreplaceable!

If you want to have a try and create your own fully functional mobile app for both iOS and Android, just click here or drop us a line at to guide you through!