Do I really need a mobile app?

May 19, 2014

This question has become very popular over the last few years mainly by people who are committed to promote their business and try to differentiate themselves from the competition.

If you seek an answer to this question, try to recall the answer when in the web 1.0 era businesses were skeptic about the effectiveness of the websites and later of e-shops! The launch of the first iPhone marked a new era! The era of mobile experience, that is much more addictive as it involves new features available on almost every smartphone and tablet and above all it is available in your pocket!

The real value of a mobile app for a business, can be identified only by those who actually care for their customers and want to stand out from the crowd. Admittedly there are a large number of people, insisting that a mobile app is not that effective because it costs a lot and can hardly be seen in the ocean of apps.

The question though is “Are mobile apps more than websites?”, or “Is it now more expensive to build an app than it was to build a website a decade ago?”

Mobile apps came to change the way customers are served, engage with the brand and stay loyal to it! In contrast to a (mobile) website, a mobile app provides fast performance and a high degree of reliability, it can use the device’s phone, camera, contacts catalogue, GPS, gestures, accelerometer, tilt sensor, compass and notification indicators etc. and based on the client’s needs it can even work with no Internet connectivity.

Once installed on the smartphone, a mobile app gives the businesses the opportunity to communicate real-time with their customers and intensify the engagement based on their location, interests, habits and overall user profile. A great and very cost effective mobile app feature for this purpose, is the push notification, an alerting system that is much more efficient and cheaper than text messaging since it’s absolutely free and can even work as a redemption coupon or code.

Similarly a mobile app can take off your customer service and if successful the customer loyalty! Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart said once “There is only one boss. The customer! And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best, but legendary!” By using a well-designed mobile app, it is completely up to you to make your customers’ life easier by facilitating their service and in turn create loyalty.

A recent example comes from one of Jupitee’s clients in the hotel industry. The marketing manager created a mobile app in which he integrated info not only about his business, but for the entire island along with geolocation features and the major sights. A couple staying at his hotel commented in the guest book, that they were amazed not that much by the premises themselves, but by the hotel’s mobile application.

“It was a so well-featured and handy interactive tourist guide that helped us save time and also money as the app was fully functional without internet connection and we enjoyed total peace of mind as we were not afraid to be charged by our phone carrier. We will definitely recommend the hotel to our friends as it managed to create for us a unique experience!”

A unique user experience is the keyword for any successful mobile app and Jupitee is the right platform to start creating your own!