Build App your business

Apr 14, 2014

Build app your business

With smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of everyday life, the development of a mobile application for your business is a necessary tool to ensure high quality and lasting relationship with your customers.

Before you start thinking creating a mobile application, it is imperative to decide in advance what kind of functions or services it will offer, in order to ensure – among other things – that your app will:

  1. make your customers’ life easy,
  2. create strong brand awareness and enhance loyalty,
  3. serve as a communication channel with your customers.

To help you get there, let’s see how a mobile app can “build app” your business.

Increase brand awareness

Just like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms, blogs, search engine optimization and web sites, a mobile app is an effective inbound marketing tool. The more often your customers’ see your brand, the easiest it is to establish it in their minds. If the app has high quality, functionality and credibility, your brand will only get positive feedback too. A study made by Indiana University and Murdoch University, shown that using branded mobile phone apps increases a consumer’s general interest in product categories and improves the attitude they may have toward the brand.

By using a mobile app, the customers “talk to the brand”. The mobile app increases not only the general interest in the product category but also the customers’ purchase intention towards your products and services.

Grow your customer list

Once you have a mobile app installed on your customers’ devices, you have got your foot in the door. To get the door to open, you need to provide valuable data and services. Customers do like to be able to interact with the businesses they get products or services from and a mobile application makes them feel that such interaction is much more personalized than the respective via the website. To facilitate such interaction it is important to integrate as many as possible communication channels and because of that, all mobile apps built with Jupitee feature push notifications, user community features and social media sharing.


Satisfied customers can become your brand’s best ambassadors and keeping them loyal, is a key point for a long lived relationship not to mention for getting new ones. But how is this possible via a mobile application?

To do so, you must show in your app that:

  • you value their feedback and you encourage them to suggest areas for improvement
  • you care about them by rewarding them with exclusive offers and deals via push notifications
  • you count on them and you encourage them to take part in your social media communities and share their feedback.

Promote, promote, promote!

A mobile app is a multimedia billboard in your customers’ pockets and most probably the second most dominant reason why people download an app.

Let’s say you are a car dealer or a real estate, hotel or restaurant owner. Through the integrated push notification feature, you can inform your customers about a new deal, a new property, a special weekend package or special menu.  With the integrated reservations module, you can give them the opportunity to book a test drive, a spa treatment or a table for two. Through the interactive floor plan or map your customers can explore the hotel’s amenities or find an affiliated partner and by using the product catalogue they can browse through the available vehicles, the real estate properties, the restaurant’s menu, or the hair and spa treatments.

As long as you want to promote your business, the possibilities are endless. To start creating your own mobile app, sign up for free at!