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Jun 7, 2014App settings, Publishing your app, Support

Apple’s AppStore

iOS settings

The most important thing is to decide on how you want your app to appear in an iPhone / iPad, i.e. choose the iOS app icon and your app’s name. iOS app icon. This is the icon that your users will click on to open your app. Although we ask you a picture of 1024×1024 pixels as the app launcher icon, you must have in mind that it will have to scale down to 57×57 pixels, so in order to be legible, your icon should not contain any small letters or drawings. It must be clear and easy to see even at 57×57 pixels! App name. This is the application name as it will be displayed under your iOS app icon. There is really little space for your app’s name so we suggest to pick one that is less than 12 characters long.

App store settings



iTunes settings

This is very straightforward to enter. Just have in mind that:

  • The application name is what users will search for in iTunes to find your app and it can be different than the iOS app name.
  • The iTunes image does not have to scale down so it can contain more elaborate graphics, although typically it is the same as your iOS app icon

App store settings



Google Play

Things are more or less similar to the iPhone case.

Following is how your app will appear on iTunes and Google Play.

App store settings



App store settings