A native app as a tourist guide

Mar 31, 2014

Few weeks ago Jupitee took part in the Mobile World Congress and I was among the lucky ones to get there. On this occasion I realized the hard way, how a mobile application – a native mobile app to be more precise – could have created for me a totally different travel experience. 

The first thing that made me think about it was the city map and the sites of interest on it. Each time the only way to find my position on the map and my way to my destination was the Google maps and the pretty expensive though vital data roaming plan. If the hotel I was staying at could have made a native mobile app with integrated map, I could have cached the map content using its Wi-Fi and the rest would have been much easier and wouldn’t have cost me a fortune. Not to mention the positive reviews I would have noted about the hotel!

Eating out was another big issue when travelling abroad, unless you want to spend more and eat moderate in terms of quality. Most of the time, we had to trust word of mouth to spot a restaurant with traditional cuisine or at least one with reasonable prices. Similarly, if the hotel would have spotted on its mobile app, two dozens of nearby though descent restaurants, it would have boosted its customer service and overall experience.

Visiting museums, parks and other sites of interest was another big issue as well, considering that the English language was not very well spoken! I had the chance to visit many museums, though the proprietary bulky handset audio guide was pretty uncomfortable to carry, not to mention totally useless for hearing impaired users!

A native app as a tourist Guid

Imagine how different the entire visit would be, if instead there was a multilingual mobile map with interactive floor plan which the visitor could tap to find out more about the exhibiting items both in terms of audio and text in his own language!

With more and more smartphones and tablets, the native mobile applications can, better than ever, enhance the travel experience not only outdoors with the exploitation of the GPS, but also indoors with the combined use of multimedia and textual content.

If on top, you note that especially the native mobile apps can be fully functional even when there is no Internet connection, it is more than apparent that the apps have everything needed to create, enhance, maintain and boost the traveler’s experience! What is necessary, if not crucial, is to create satisfied visitors who will thereafter become your advocates by sharing their experience with their friends and family who will in turn become your prospect clients!

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